At Sewell Contractors, fabrication is 85% of our business we take on large and small projects. We fabricate all types of stainless, aluminum, and Carbon steel. We also have machine shop capabilities for machining components, fixtures, and prototypes for most anything you can come up with. We fabricate structural steel including but not limited to safety items such as stairwells, platforms, and handrails for all types of businesses. We provide all types of certified welding; mig, tig, stick, and flux core wire as well.


Sewell Contractors began as a painting company and we are proud of the many services we have to offer. These include: industrial grade epoxies and enamels, floor resurfacing, Tank and Silo Refinishing, and high temperature steam line coatings. All applications are available such as spraying, brushing and rolling.


We offer various types of cleaning services such as a state of the art CO2 cold jet pressure cleaning unit. This unit uses dry ice as a blasting material so the dry ice immediately evaporates leaving no mess. This is a very popular and effective cleaning method. We also use a 5000 PSI Wet Media Blasting system that uses water as a blasting agent; this is ideal for general cleaning. A Hi- Volume Dry Media Blasting system that uses sand as a blasting material is another cleaning method used for equipment, machinery, rusted metal items and is great at removing old paint from metal. Lastly our Large Glass Bead Cabinet uses small glass beads for a blasting agent and is great for small items that need a smoother finish.


We have the capabilities to install anything we build at our facility. We also install pipe that is fabricated in place.


Sewell Contractors has qualified personnel for outages, rebuilds, equipment refurbishment & replacement, and maintenance contracts.

Cad Design

Component design using auto cad, detailed drawings, and field drawings are all services we provide.

Equipment and Machine Moving

We have several Trucks and Trailers that are available for Equipment moving. We also have six forklifts that have up to a 30,000 lb. load capacity that make moving equipment trouble-free.

Project Management and Sub-Contracts

We have excellent project management personnel who are field experienced. We are also available for sub-contract work and have many sub- contractors of our own who specialize in machining and electrical contracting.